Goal-setting is easy – the hard part is achieving them…

While writing new year’s resolutions seems like a trite annual occurrence, in a tech business like ours that must constantly adapt to new tools and methodologies, it’s a vital way to start off the year.

At the beginning of each year, everyone at Bean Creative writes a list of professional goals that they’d personally like to work toward, as well a list of goals that we as a company should consider.

Some of our past goal setting successes have included everything from expansion of our services into iPhone development, implementing more efficient project management tools, becoming Drupal CMS ninjas and starting up an advisory board for Bean (which helped us significantly increase our bottom line).

Yet, for all the initial enthusiasm during the goal-setting process, keeping yourself motivated, committed and moving toward the accomplishment of your goals can be daunting. Here are some of our tried-and-true tips for goal setting success:

Own the Goal

Your goals must generate excitement when you ponder their accomplishment. You must believe there is something in it for you to accomplish them.

Articulate the Outcome

Sometimes the most important goals, the non-urgent, critical goals, are hard to measure, so don’t tie yourself to setting only measurable goals.

Share Your Goals

At Bean, we not only writing out our goals individually, but we share and discuss them with each other so we all pay attention to the accomplishment of the goals.

Set a Realistic Timeframe

As tempting as it is to want to knock out all your goals at once, it’s more realistic to set short and long term goals, depending on the task at hand. At Bean Creative, we not only set expected completion dates for our goals, but have quarterly check-ins to see how we’re doing.

Adjust and Adapt

During goals check-ins, make sure the goals still the right goals. It’s better to change your goals and resolutions based on changing circumstances than expend valuable time and effort toward ones that don’t fit anymore.

Celebrate Goal Accomplishment

Take time to acknowledge and celebrate each goal fulfilled, even the minor ones. Then channel that forward progress and move on to the next milestone.

Here’s to achieving your goals this year!!

Layla Masri

About Layla Masri

Layla is a co-founder of Bean Creative. She leverages her ad agency background and 15-plus years as a marketing and web copywriter to maximize interactive impact for strategic planning, usability/accessibility, and digital promotion.
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