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And the winner of the HTML5-Off is......

Bill Setzer

As if getting to live my daily #epiccommute in DC area traffic was not “fun” enough, it has now been immortalized in full, animated glory as the winning entry in Bean’s HTML5-Off contest!

Bill's Morning CommuteA couple months ago, the developers here at Bean were given a challenge to create a project that stretches their development chops using HTML5.

It was completely open-ended – it could be about anything and utilize any HTML5 techniques needed to bring their concepts to life (i.e. adding CSS3, Javascript, etc. to extend the HTML5 capabilities).

As part of the judging panel, I had no knowledge of any developer’s concept. So imagine my surprise when we the final projects were unveiled recently – one of the submissions featured a beautifully illustrated and fully animated homage to MY MORNING COMMUTE. [Shudder]

[Note: The project can be accessed with Chrome and Safari (i.e. webkit) browsers only, which offer the deepest (current) level of HTML5 support]

Developer Joey Lane, who is one of Bean’s most skilled illustrators and animators, was intrigued by the animation capabilities of CSS3 and quickly decided his entry into the HTML5-Off would be a multi-scene, animated sequence (for those interested, Joey documented his development process from storyboard to animation – check it out).

Already well-versed in Flash animation, Joey took on the challenge of learning the ins and outs of animating using *only* CSS (he was determined not to use Javascript) and created a truly Flash-like movie, complete with smooth transitions, parallax background movement, and of course, a devastatingly handsome central character!

Making me a star was not only reason Joey was just crowned the HTML5-Off contest winner.  Everyone (developers and non-developers alike) was incredibly impressed by both the gorgeous illustrations and his ability to use only CSS to achieve his goal.

So big congrats to Joey – I can only assume that “Bill’s Morning Commute: Chase the School Bus” is already in the works. [Kill me quickly]



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