Monkey Match

Monkey Match

Monkey Match appBananariffic! Monkey Match is the first iPhone app from Between the Lions, the Emmy award-winning literacy program from WGBH on PBS Kids — proven to help kids learn to read.

Created specifically for pre-readers, Monkey Match provides three memory matching games to help kids practice and build critical skills for reading: the identification of letters, beginning sounds of words, and rhymes.

With the help of a zany, surfer dude monkey who showers kids with “monkeytastic” praise, this free app takes learners through three levels of fun:

  1. “Upper and Lowercase Letters” helps kids match uppercase letters to their lowercase counterparts, like “M” and “m.”
  2. “Beginning Sounds” helps kids match pictures of words to their beginning sounds, like “moon” and “mmm.”
  3. “Rhymes” helps  players match pictures of words to other words that rhyme, like “moon” and “spoon.”

All the letter names, sounds of letters and words are spoken to help pre-readers learn and gain confidence as they grow.

The app was created to celebrate Between the Lions’ 10th Anniversary Season.

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