Are you sure you want to recreate Flash games as HTML5? Four major pitfalls to avoid.

The rise of mobile is putting Flash games out to pasture. But do you redo your Flash games as HTML5? It’s key to understand upfront the implications of recreating existing content.

1. Will the game model work for mobile?

If you task us to mirror the online experience, it’s rare we can truly do an exact copy.

Does your game require click and drag, space bar use, or right/left clicking? These are just some of the typical Flash game functions that cannot be mirrored for touchscreen devices.

Even the simplest games have elements that can’t directly translate to HTML5.

Or they may have elements that could translate, but may not make a lot of sense for mobile devices if we did.

Differences in screen sizes, the resolution of your existing graphic assets, and the game play mechanics of onscreen movement are all areas where Flash games may have issues during recreation to HTML5.

2. Will changes to account for mobile still deliver an optimal experience?

You’ll need to include ample time in the schedule and budget account for vetting EVERY nuance in the game.

Especially when working with learning games, you’ll also need ensure there’s discussion about what is the best educational and development strategy, and if mobile devices can deliver.

3. Is your Flash game dated?

If you original game was created for smaller screen sizes, or for non-retina displays, it may be a challenge to repurpose your visual assets at all.

With educational games, you may need to consider adjustments to align with new common core standards, as well as new stringent COPPA compliance for kids, which may require significant changes to your game if you have a login or collect any personal data whatsoever (read more).

Which leads us to #4…

4. It may take MORE time and budget to recreate than creating something from scratch.

We understand that your previously-built content is a financial asset.

But, keep in mind that does not necessarily make it appropriate for repurposing as a mobile experience.

Planning for efficiencies that allow game content to be richer without a lot more work is one way we build value for our clients. This can sometimes be a big challenge when reusing existing content, but if we start from scratch, it is very easy to incorporate.

And that creates brand-new financial assets for you that are perfectly suited for extensible mobile play.

Are you leaning more toward redoing Flash games as HTML5 or jumping straight to new mobile games? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Layla Masri

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Layla is a co-founder of Bean Creative. She leverages her ad agency background and 15-plus years as a marketing and web copywriter to maximize interactive impact for strategic planning, usability/accessibility, and digital promotion.
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