Goal-setting is easy – the hard part is achieving them…

While writing new year’s resolutions seems like a trite annual occurrence, in a tech business like ours that must constantly adapt to new tools and methodologies, it’s a vital way to start off the year. Continue reading 
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Lessons learned as a Webby Judge

It’s a great honor this year to be asked to serve as a judge for the Webby Awards, the world’s most prestigious web and interactive award. Continue reading 
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Best Practices in Website Content Inventory

Recently, an association presented us with a very daunting task — how to inventory a legacy website with 75,000+ pages that has not gone through a redesign or focused information architecture efforts in almost 10 years. Continue reading 
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Build Navs of Steel with a Card Sorting Exercise

Card sorting exercise isn't the latest fitness craze — it's a reliable, inexpensive information architecture method for finding patterns in how users would expect to find content or functionality on your website. Continue reading 
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