Navigation innovation: Advances in responsive, mobile-friendly web menus

We just launched an updated version of the NAB Show site for their mega convention that leverages an interesting, highly successful new navigational pattern that we’re excited to share. Continue reading

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Disrupted Learning: Education feels the tech effect

Tech disruption

(A reprint of our recent Associations Now article, and a perfect segue to our session on edtech disruption at the 2016 ASAE annual meeting…)

With the rise of Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb, you already know about the power of disruption and the role technology plays in it. Continue reading

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Speaker and Exhibitor Pokémon Go Guidelines and Policy for Annual Meetings, Tradeshows, Professional Events

Pokemon Go ball

Professor Willow says “No matter how tempting, don’t try to catch a Bulbasaur in a meeting session, even if it’s sitting on the presenter’s head.”

I’m organizing an informal Pokémon Go meetup at the American Society of Association Executives annual meeting in a few weeks, because I’m obsessed with tech disruption (and have a 10 year old daughter who has been obsessed with the trading card game forever!).

The game is so new, and so real-world immersive that I realized it could be pretty disruptive to an annual meeting, event or tradeshow (or a US State Department press conference. Doh!).

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find anyone else having a stated corporate Pokémon Go policy (!) to work from. Continue reading

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Create the best RFPs by baring your soul

Tool belt

A well-thought out RFP is *always* appreciated to get the conversation started on a web, mobile or app project.

In my 19 years in business, I’ve seen some awful ones (i.e. boilerplate with more contractual and legal scary stuff than a look at the challenges you need solved), and a few super-informative ones.

The best RFP will be an authentic and informative look at your organization, and not a regurgitation of the same mission statement and About Us text I can find on your website. You’ll get the best response when you bare your soul 🙂 Continue reading

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It’s our 19th Beanniversary!

19th Beanniversary Cake

On this day in 1997, the domain name was registered and a digital agency was born.

Over the past 19 years, basic websites and animated GIFs gave way to immersive Flash experiences, which gave way to apps, responsive HTML5 animation, and… back to animated GIFs again.
Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Flex, bay-bee (FlexBox, that is!)

You don’t need to be a web developer to appreciate a revolutionary way of displaying content.

Remember when you first heard about responsive design (and if you haven’t, well….please set up time for us to chat)? Remember what happened to Flash after HTML5?

Prepared to be wowed by Flexbox.
Continue reading

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