It’s our 19th Beanniversary!

19th Beanniversary Cake

On this day in 1997, the domain name was registered and a digital agency was born.

Over the past 19 years, basic websites and animated GIFs gave way to immersive Flash experiences, which gave way to apps, responsive HTML5 animation, and… back to animated GIFs again.
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Let’s Talk About Flex, bay-bee (FlexBox, that is!)

You don’t need to be a web developer to appreciate a revolutionary way of displaying content.

Remember when you first heard about responsive design (and if you haven’t, well….please set up time for us to chat)? Remember what happened to Flash after HTML5?

Prepared to be wowed by Flexbox.
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Do BPG (Better Portable Graphics) mean the end of jpeg, gif and png files?!

The up-and-coming image format, BPG (Better Portable Graphics), is gaining traction in the digital arena. Not only might it really shake things up in the relatively near future, it might even spell the end of JPEG, GIF, and PNG files as we know and love them.

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What’s Your Uber? Ten Tips for Disrupting an Industry

Tech disruption
Uber versus taxis. Zillow versus REALTORS. Netflix versus Blockbuster. Each of these technologies disrupted the market and could have been leading technologies created by their respective associations. But they weren’t. Why?! Continue reading 
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7 habits of a successful beacon campaign

Beacon app
Why are we so excited to present our interactive session, Beacons & Wayfinding Apps: New Digital Exhibit Engagement, at next week's American Alliance of Museums annual conference?  Continue reading 
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I really wanted to like the new YouTube Kids app, but…

YouTube Kids
Those of us who work with (and raise) kids have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the YouTube Kids app. Is it everything we've hoped for?

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