Oh 💩! What the British Museum learned about toilets from data mining TripAdvisor reviews

Rich customer data is so informative, but sometimes daunting to gather and unravel its meaning. That’s why we are so impressed at how the British Museum did a deep dive into their 1,000+ monthly TripAdvisor reviews to discover unprecedented insight into the visitor experience. Trip Advisor review

You wouldn’t believe some of the interesting discoveries they’ve made.

For example: toilets have a bigger impact on satisfaction rating than object labels.

By writing a few lines of code to automatically tag reviews, they ended up with a dataset that they could slice and dice into insights that are now informing long-term strategy decisions.

To quote the British Museum:

Amongst other things, we have managed to reduce complaints about our luggage policy by making the information more prominent on our website. We have updated the pre-visit emails we send out to exhibition visitors to help them navigate queues. We have helped bring about small but significant improvements to our facilities such as replacing hand dryers and baby-changing mats. More importantly, we have been able to effectively measure what visitors like and dislike using tangible data rather than what we thought visitors liked.

At Bean Creative, we think data is dynamite — it gives you the numbers and ammunition to prove the value of your work and its importance to your constituents.

Read the full case study to learn how to leverage data to create killer experiences…


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