American College of Veterinary Surgeons

ACVS Turns to Bean Creative to run with the BIG DOGS!

Armed with a new marketing initiative to assist animal owners and serve as a trusted online resource, the Bean Team came to the rescue to promote the use of veterinary surgeons and drive traffic to ACVS’ members.

The strategy of creating a best of breed site

We overhauled from both a design and marketing perspective to meet ACVS’s new initiative to focus on the pet owner needs and connect them to member surgeons.

To become a valuable “first stop” for pet owners as well as veterinary surgeon members, Bean Creative approached the redesign in two distinct phases.

Meet the new — Now with more bite!

First, we focused on the overarching site organization, navigation and content priorities to create a more user-friendly experience that appeals to their key audiences.

Our usability experts developed detailed audience personas, ran card sorts and completely re-envisioned the site’s organization and navigation.

Then, we helped them move away from an older, less efficient CMS to a modern Drupal open-source CMS that fully integrates with their Association Anywhere AMS.

The new interface is clearly consumer-focused, with bold call-out content of interest to pet owners. A clear call-to-action connects their core pet owner audience to ACVS members on every page.
This more unified, intuitive interface is fully responsive to allow the new site to scale perfectly from smartphones and tablets to desktops for maximized delivery across all devices with a streamlined and consistent experience.

To optimize information access for the different needs of animal owners and ACVS’ surgeon members, the main navigation toggles dynamically between member and general public content based on site usage. A bold mega-menu provides optimal usability.

All puns aside, the redesign is truly the cat’s meow!

The new site has successfully met their marketing goals to engage with a whole new audience of animal owners — who in turn, are consulting ACVS members — thanks to strategic content organization, modern design and the resulting SEO improvements from the new site structure.

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