Consumer Electronics Show

I Am Innovation

The Bean Team developed a cross-platform, cross-browser web and mobile app for the Consumer Electronics Association’s major grassroots marketing effort at the annual CES in Las Vegas.

Motivating marketing at the world’s largest tradeshow

Each January, all eyes are glued on the unveiling of impressive advancements in consumer technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. This made it the perfect time to launch CEA’s Innovation Movement public policy campaign that lobbies Congress about the benefits of skilled immigration to American business. We mobilized and engaged their 100k-plus attendees and followers across the globe to share their stories via text, photo and video comments which are dynamically displayed, filtered and shared to impact CEA’s legislative lobbying.

A fully responsive, cross-platform and cross-device experience

For optimal impact, the app needed to be responsive and accessible anywhere — from iOS and Android mobile apps to desktop, from mobile web to massive touchscreen displays at CES.  To do so, our developers separated the front-end interface from back-end with APIs to accommodate different presentation modes.  In addition, a behind-the-scenes management tool allows CEA to add new content and functionality on-the-fly without the extra time and complexity of updating within app stores.

Grassroots lobbying success was achieved with user-submitted stories that include videos, text, images and infographics supporting strategic immigration reform. Submissions can be filtered by topic and geographic region to clearly show legislators the real issues and stories of their constituents in a powerful and interactive way.


User-submitted stories and social sharing tools are a powerful tool to spread the word about the importance of immigration reform in the technology community.

We developed both iOS and Android app versions to maximize marketing and sharability.

Lobbying leverage and community engagement

Instead of showing up on Capitol Hill with yawn-inducing printed reports, CEA got legislators’ attention in a big way. Our clever, dynamic display of authentic user stories from industry professionals and entrepreneurs has proven to be a highly successful lobbying tool.  

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