Entomological Society of America

An engaging, responsive, user-centric online presence

Improving resource findability and user experience to boost member engagement.

How we optimized the overhaul of a buggy, legacy website (see what we did there?!)

A cohesive identity with an action-oriented focus

Like many older association sites, the Entomological Society of America not only lacked responsive, cross-platform support, but had a diminished user-experience due to disjointed navigation and content strategy.

You know the drill…hard-to-find member benefits…monetization issues…problems logging in…and diminished access to rich archival resources.

Thanks to our audience analysis and user journey mapping process, we helped ESA maximize their digital strategy so that content, navigation, design, and the underlying technology were all in lockstep to nurture their community, cater to the unique needs of each visitor segment, and enhance membership with convenient self-service.

Digital strategy and tailored tech tools to the rescue!

ESA has been able to embrace their new digital mandate to focus on “next action” — making it easy and seamless for users to accomplish key tasks such as joining ESA, registering for a meeting, streamlining access to journals, and much more.

Already, the new site has reduced some of ESA’s biggest pain points, including bounce rates, SSO member sign-in, and incomplete registrations.

Not only did we hit all these marks, but our proven project management process ensured a painless launch before their annual meeting.

The gorgeous redesign increases impact and usage through strategic content strategy, targeted calls-to-action, and a vibrant, responsive interface
ESA members

Improved segmentation and targeting allows ESA to communicate with specific audiences in customized ways to advance their “next action” strategy.

ESA about

Every page is designed to increase resource access, community engagement, event attendance and purchases.

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