Hatch Early Childhood


Our learning platform for pre-K is designed from the ground up to support the 21st century classroom.

We concepted, designed and developed this cooperative, COPPA-compliant learning environment to teach social/emotional skills to early learners.

Architecting student success, from demo to deployment

The Bean Team strategized and created the project from the ground up, from an initial sprint to promo WePlaySmart at ISTE to drive pre-orders, to character illustration and the creation of a custom, intelligent back-end system to allow for subject matter changes within a suite of games. Leveraging our existing development best-practices in creating an ideal game structure, we developed game leveling and user tracking, administrative controls and custom illustration/design designed to delight youngsters.

A smart, scaffolded teaching tool with 275+ cognitive games

The WePlaySmart game system is designed to build and support essential pre-K cognitive skills required for success in school, such as literacy and math. Using a multitouch approach delivered on SMART tables allowed the system to be specifically designed to encourage collaborative, versus parallel play, across core executive function curriculum.

We designed for simultaneous gameplay across 40 touch points (4 kids, 10 fingers each!), as well as created a game interface to be appropriately visible from all positions around the table.
Hatch: WePlaySmart!
We conceived of and developed Hatch’s patented Photo Login, which facilitates cooperative play for 2-4 children and monitors their progress.

Hatch: WePlaySmart!
The system has built-in, automated progress monitoring that records up to 25 children’s interactions at the table and then offers a set of assessment tools for teachers to determine social-emotional competency.

Hatch: WePlaySmart!
Research proved that the system was successful — the majority of classroom participants displayed cooperative behaviors after playing with peers in WePlaySmart.

Developed alongside child development and curriculum experts

We ensured the system aligned to Head Start Outcomes, Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Frameworks, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Accreditation Standards, and Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS).  

Personalized learning to the max

The system monitors progress and select games based on which skill areas need work. Built-in progress monitoring tools to provide teachers with a set of personalized learning assessment aids to informed observations on social-emotional development.  

So unique it’s patented!

Our programmatic gurus also developed a proprietary, patented and COPPA-compliant login system for preschoolers as well as game creation tools to allow Hatch to expand their educational offerings.

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