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NAB Show

Declining attendance and new tech challenges: How the world's largest electronic media event on filmed entertainment got its groove back.

How can a digital campaign communicate across global industries that the Show isn’t just about traditional broadcast, but where content meets technology?

Tackling the challenge of declining attendance

At a time when anyone with a smartphone and YouTube account can create and deliver content, the NAB Show needed a strategic plan to continue to attract the best and brightest to their massive annual event. With attendance down, they needed to reach beyond the typical media executive and producer attendees to attract the new breed of content creators, including indie photographers, filmmakers and techies.

Discovering untapped opportunities

Not content to ponder the attendance issue from the comfort of our own conference room, the Bean Team was hands-on at the NAB Show, walking miles of show floor to gather intel and expectations from a host of real-world audience members.

We not only discussed their needs and the ways in which they wanted to engage, but also ran interviews and card sorts to ensure we curated content and organized the site for their diverse attendee needs in the most user-centric ways possible.

We extrapolated their new brand and vibrant color palette into a bold, crisp responsive design that promoted the event beautifully across any screen that came its way.
NAB Show
An event as big as the NAB Show needs intelligent, user-friendly navigation and content strategy. Thanks to effortlessly guiding attendees and potentials through the key details, we helped increase registrations by more than 4% and exhibit space purchase by 7%.

Not content to stop with the success of the redesigned site, we’ve also been developing cutting-edge rich media interactive ad campaigns to run in digital publications. I added to boost the NAB Show brand as a powerful enabling force for technological advancement in media and entertainment.

Focusing on all there is to see at the NAB Show, we presented real comments from attendees on images as if they were being posted (and LIKED) from the show in "real time!"

Delivered a tangible increase in attendees and exhibitors

We were tasked to brand the NAB Show as a must-attend event for future generations of broader-casters on air, online, on screen, and on the go...and boy did we deliver! Thanks to a mobile-first responsive design, modern CMS, new branding and user-focused digital experience, the Show saw an increase registrations by more than 4% and exhibit space purchase by 7%.

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