National Coffee Association

A high octane redesign befitting the world’s favorite beverage.

With a combination of stellar strategy, improved usability and a sophisticated design, we created serious buzz for the world’s second most-traded (and arguably most delicious) commodity.

Strategic synergies

Let’s be honest… how could the National Coffee Association NOT hire a company named Bean Creative?! Great naming aside, we were tapped for our ability to tackle a challenge that only small subset of trade associations face: providing both a rich B2B *and* B2C communications platform.

Broadening NCA’s appeal across the industry

Not only are they now able to engage growers and roasters to distributors and machine suppliers — but it’s also helped “regular Joe” coffee drinkers understand coffee and health, sustainability and tips on storing and brewing. Audience interviews, card sorting and usability enhancements have positioned the website to align with NCA’s strategic redirection, making them the go-to organization for members and coffee-lovers alike. Public-facing coffee information is easily accessible to promote the industry, while enticing member benefits encourage strong online engagement.
Among the many usability and messaging improvements, we modernized their branding (bonus: no more clichéd “coffee brown” color scheme!)
Strategic writing and SEO considerations makes the consumer-focused About Coffee section the go-to for coffee lovers interested in everything from history and roast guides to the proper storage and brewing.

For NCA members, the coffee community connects here with a host of essential member resources via seamlessly integrated tech tools.

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