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Giant Pandas Into the Wild

Explore panda conservation by designing ideal mountain habitats in this educational interactive game.

How many pandas can you successfully prepare to live in the wild? To support a recent National Geographic documentary, we challenge learners (grades 4-6) to design an ideal environment suitable for pandas.

Think like a scientist

The game’s goal is to help pandas learn important survival and social skills and prepare them for successful release into the wild. The game walks kids through some key scientific considerations, including geographic location, availability of resources, cost, natural history of panda bears, and environmental and community impacts on each location.

While success means releasing as many endangered pandas as you can, the gameplay is designed to make this task more challenging as the number of pandas in the habitat rises.

An extensible, easy-to-update game framework

As the science changes, so too can the game. A back-end JSON system allows for game adjustments, and controls a panda “happiness” meter — a conservation success measuring tool that calculates how students are best fulfilling panda needs.

Kids choose from three different locations — with different size, resources and challenges — to create their optimal panda reserve.
The interface combines a fun gaming environment with key educational highlights to drive play and learning.

Game stats and personalized feedback encourage learning and repeat play.

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