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New digital strategy and redesigned site creates a collective voice for civil legal aid and public defender services

How do you win back members who abandoned your website due to outdated content and information access?

An all-too-typical website conundrum

The National Legal Aid and Defenders Association (NLADA) is America’s oldest and largest nonprofit association devoted to providing legal services across the United States to those who cannot afford counsel.

Like many non-profits, NLADA experienced organizational change over recent years, and it was apparent from their online presence.

Not only did their main website receive inadequate attention for many years, but when that became a challenge to update, they developed a series of microsites that fragmented their brand message further, making it hard to maintain and even harder to navigate.

A clean slate

Rolling up our sleeves, we provided a top-to-bottom overhaul, including new architecture, user experience, content creation and configuration of a new content management infrastructure. In particular, we helped NLADA move away from a departmental navigational structure (sound familiar?!) to a constituent-based navigation schema that makes content more easily visible and promoted to its varied audiences.

The new creates a sense of timeliness and action around the organization, serving as a point of connection for members where ideas are exchanged, questions are posted and the work of social justice is advanced.

Routine transactions are simplified, and of course, the site delivers a cohesive and mobile-friendly, responsive design that improves content accessibility.

The redesign showcases the quality of resources, promotes the benefits of membership, simplifies transactions and encourages deep exploration of what NLADA has to offer.
NLADA tools

The site delivers a fast and simple method for visitors to conduct routine transactions that advance their relationship with NLADA, with each other and with their clients. Transactions such as contacting staff, joining, renewing, registering, donating and looking for peers are quick, intuitive and streamlined, with little need for staff support.

NLADA members

Navigation and information access is now comprehensive and intuitive, correcting the the prior site's time-consuming searches and clicks that resulted in frustration and error.

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