American Quarter Horse Association

Take Me Riding

AQHA spearheads a project to bring more kids into the rewarding world of horses.

Have you ever met a kid who didn’t love horses?! We helped AQHA concept and build a major web and mobile experience to engage horse-crazy kids and get them riding.

Chomping at the bit to get kids on horseback

AQHA had wonderful educational printed classroom materials, but they needed a more engaging way get kids involved with horses. After a strategic phase that fleshed out the marketplace opportunities, we fine-tuned and developed the perfect combination of learning and fun for web and mobile.

A world of horses, designed just for kids

Fantasy horse characters are great, but real horses are where the action is! Our team developed a massive mixture of mini games, deeper interactives, digital comic books, and an action-packed webisode series starring real kids’ adventures with horses – everything from a first horseback ride to competing in a show.

In addition to games, games, games, the site features three webisode series totaling nearly 1 ½ hours of original content. The webisodes showcase kids' real-life experiences with horses through Anna, the first-timer, Jack, the ranch hand, and Grace, the show rider.
One of the most important facets of the project is to portray the real world of horses. No unicorns or winged horses here. Even our silliest game, Scoop the Poop, is based on reality.

Once kids are ready to get on horseback, there's a Horse Finder tool to connect parents stables, trainers, ride centers, and events near them.

Growing the Audience

Take Me Riding is growing an audience of horse-crazy kids, releasing new webisodes in each of the video series each month during the 2014-15 school year. And with the industry’s only Horse Finder, we’re connecting parents (and kids) to the real world of horses. Kids across the country are saying ‘Take me riding!’

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