Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC)

Rave reviews for this redesign sensation!

A Nashville icon gets a strategic redesign to deepen community outreach and boost box office receipts

Imagine trying to get the vibrant entertainment town of Nashville fired up about your Broadway and theater offerings with a 10-year-old website?

TPAC had some clear needs and incredible opportunities when they brought the Bean Team onboard for their massive redesign. The site needed a complete new aesthetic, mobile support, seamless ticketing, and a content management system for their team to keep things humming.

With audiences that include millennials to seniors, kids and teachers, plus donors, sponsors, and community partners, content strategy and targeted delivery were key.

An invigorated brand with a modern aesthetic gives TPAC staff the essential ability to highlight programs and cross-promote to significantly boost engagement and ticketing.

How does a performing arts center change its community?

It happens through exceptional experiences for students, inspiring training for teachers, and enriching arts connections for adults.

Of course, monetizing the website was an important goal, but TPAC also had lofty ambitions to connect more deeply with their beloved Nashville community and create opportunities for the arts to influence life and learning in significant ways.

TPAC holds a special place in the hearts of residents, so it was essential to highlight their unique offerings beyond the stage. The website was designed with a strategic vision to elevate their brand and public perception as a vital local partner to inspire, encourage and impact the state of Tennessee.

Turbo-charged ticketing capabilities double conversions

No theater is complete without attendees, so we utilized a WordPress CMS to create an easy-to-use platform for updating.

Our programmers created fluid, seamless connections to TPAC’s Tessitura ticketing system. This means we can readily support the vastly different ticketing parameters of each show, which include nuances like show staging, seating, and performance dates across their three theaters.

We worked with TPAC to create a quick, replicable process for their staff to create new shows and ticketing options with ease. Plus, we streamlined the ticketing form and process to maximize transactions.

The reviews are in, and the site’s a smash hit!

TPAC and their audiences are raving about the new and improved TPAC. Some of the killer metrics just a few months post-launch include:

  • Ticket conversions jumped 115%
  • Visitors increased 60%
  • Traffic and pageviews increased fourfold

From an SEO perspective, the modern, responsive site has vastly improved organic traffic and solved an ongoing issue of confusion between TPAC offerings and third-party ticket brokers.

Take a bow, TPAC!

Don't let the gorgeous looks fool you...there's a lot going on under the hood of the TPAC site. To create this modern vibe and intuitive audience experience, our developers dovetailed a complex ticketing engine, ecommerce tools, and customer relationship system.

From classic Broadway hits to modern comedy, TPAC offers entertainment across three different theaters plus a concert venue. Our developers created such a solid and intuitive integration with the Tessitura ticketing system that conversions jumped 115% post-launch!

Showcasing the enrichment and value that TPAC provides to the Nashville and larger Tennessee community was a huge success thanks to our content strategy and design considerations.

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