Edgewood Health Network

Connecting Edgewood to patients and families that need help.

Redesign boosts prospective patient reach and qualified inquiries. The redesign increased online inquiries through landing pages and the website by over 450%.

Smart redesign and SEO strategy delivers 725% increase in online health treatment inquiries

Delivering a consolidated, consistent brand

Edgewood Health Network is a group of alcohol and drug treatment facilities located in Canada. They suffered from a suite of disconnected facilities websites and inconsistent branding which minimized their patient intake process.

Edgewood needed to consolidate their sites into a more welcoming, well-branded, and user-centric online presence, with increased visibility to connect those in need of addiction treatment with the Edgewood facilities.

The new aesthetic and user-focused interface provides a supportive and welcoming experience for those facing challenging times, inspiring potential patients to explore and feel compelled to initiate treatment.


Driving patient intake and lead generation

The new site showcases diverse treatment services to potential patients and families, delivers an organization-wide digital strategy, and delivered unbelievable targeted lead generation and conversion rates.

As part of a multifaceted redesign approach, we helped refine content delivery, calls-to-action strategy based on varied patient and treatments needs, and used the power of WordPress CMS tools to build next-step actions across the website.

Staggering SEO results in web and phone inquiries up 725%

Together with our SEO partner, we fixed problems from the prior Edgewood redesign, which vastly reduced their ranking and click-throughs.

With drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s important to be available in-the-moment when the prospective patient is ready to ask for help. We wanted to ensure that mobile searchers could easily and quickly connect with the facility to seek treatment.

To increase visibility and accessibility, we added click-to-call coding on the phone numbers on the new website, which delivered 50% more phone inquiries and improved the conversion rate by 22%.

In the first four months alone, Edgewood’s Google organic traffic is up by over 10% and new visitors by over 9%.

The redesign increased online inquiries through landing pages and the website by over 450%. On top of that, conversion rate increased overall by 34% while cost per conversion decreased by 44% year-over-year.

The interface and aesthetic was designed to build empathy and encourage action to get treatment.

By consolidating three different Edgewood brands into a single experience, we drove a massive boost in patient intake and lead generation online.

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