A fashion-forward showcase of the latest in eyewear trends

Move over, nerds! We’re helping the eyewear industry capitalize on glasses as a cool accessory to personal style.

Like Vogue for eyewear

Eyecessorize promotes fashion eyewear to the general public with a trendy, on-point design. The site is the brainchild of our 10+ year association client, The Vision Council, who wanted a consumer-focused digital brand to highlight the latest in eyewear style.

Boosting online community and campaign for fashion and lifestyle benefits

By sharing the latest in eyewear trends, advances in technology and advice from eyewear experts, The Vision Council educates millions of Americans about options in eyeglasses and sunglasses.
Since fashion can be fickle, their staff can efficiently manage campaign content and community needs with an easy-to-use, mobile responsive WordPress CMS.
Eyecessorize trends

With a mod, fashionable digital design, the glasses aren't the only thing making a statement.

Eyecessorize glasses

The site supports The Vision Council's member manufacturers and designers by showcasing and promoting the latest styles each season.

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